As a little kid I was building lowrider bikes and listening to Punk rock/ HXC. I would hang with the cholos one night and go see a Hardcore band play the next night in a basement. I have always embraced different lifestyles seeking inspiration for my art. Designing and printing shirts has always been a passion of mine but I never really knew how to approach it. Life led and curved as the road does to steer my passions to the rear view.

My background with xAFBx definitely taught me how to deliver designs that people wanted to wear. It also taught me that apparel isn't just something to cover a body with, it's a faucet we use to make a statement.

The designs behind "Gold English Goods" will include shades and shadows of life experiences from my career as a tattooer, motorcycle enthusiast and my investment in the lowrider culture. I take pride in drawing and designing pretty much the bulk of my passion, yet I plan on including some rad artists along the way.

Let the road lead the way

- Tony Medellin