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INKMASTER Highlights

YOU DID IT TONY!!! Congratulations to our very own Tony Medellin for bringing home the win and crowned winner of Ink Master season 11. It was a tight battle to the very end and Tony’s 35 hour master canvas was the final nail in the coffin that secured the win. We’re super excited for you Tony and what the future brings. You represented the city of Reno and Gold English Goods proudly! Thank you to everyone who tuned in weekly and continue to support GE!

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R.I.P Mike Fite

    RIP to a real one : Mike Fite.  With the blessing of his amazing wife, we took one of his iconic images and created this shirt.      This design was produced by the legend himself, Mike Fite. If you know, you know. Bullet proof tattoos and Next level designing was his specialty. I had the honor of being one of his close pals. I met Mike through his apprentice Travis, who is also a long time friend. With the blessing of his wife, i took one of Mikes most iconic designs and made a tribute shirt for him. 7x9x was our tat gang and tho his vessel is gone, he still lives forever. - Tony Medellin

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